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[法国/四级]黑丝袜 Les Bas De Soie Noire [1981](法国经典复古


【影片名称】:黑丝袜 Les Bas De Soie Noire [1981](法国经典复古情色)





? ? 变态资产阶级的慷慨激昂的宇宙。狂欢派对,其中美丽的客人恋物癖内衣和黑色丝袜活出他们的偷窥丈夫之前他们最疯狂的幻想



The impassioned universe of the perverted bourgeoisie. Orgiastic parties where beautiful guests in fetishist

undergarments and black silk stockings live out their wildest fantasies before their voyeuristic husbands. It's all

in there. To top that off, a young girl is initiated into their mad world. A record number of viewers turned out for

this hallmark of licentiousness when it debuted on June 17, 1981 in Alpha-France cinemas.